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Learning what stories you have to tell

Over the last few weeks, Media-Wize has conducted several media training workshops with clients. And while those clients have learned a lot about becoming better spokespeople and understanding how the media works, one of the big lessons is that many great companies are unaware of how many great stories they have to tell.

During the course of our media training workshops, we’ve discovered that there are dozens of great stories that are begging to be told. Like how companies have pivoted when their original ideas haven’t panned out. Or how founders took more than one chance before they found success. Or even how they conquered overseas markets using nous to overcome distance and timezones.

Unlike most media training, which focusses purely on interview preparation, Media-Wize believes there’s a lot more to becoming a great spokesperson. It’s about knowing those stories and being ready to unleash them at the right moment. There’s a lot more to becoming a successful spokesperson than good diction and a calm demeanour.

Do you know what your stories are? If not, how will you unearth them?

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