Giving a voice to startups, founders and fast growth companies

Our mission is to help founders and business leaders become strong media performers, find their untold stories and learn how to tell them in the most engaging way for business success.

What we do

Media-Wize provides media training, messaging and communications services.

Media-Wize is a full-service communications consultancy with a difference. We begin the process by training and coaching media spokespeople so they are well prepared and ready to share engaging stories. We help maximise every media opportunity.

Our unique approach enables us to uncover hidden gems, angles and stories that others typically miss.

There are no lock-in retainers. Our services are flexible and can be purchased as modules to suit your needs.

We offer services tailored to startups, scale-ups, unicorns, enterprise level organisations and companies preparing to launch in the Australian market.

Next Steps...

If you want to know more, contact us to discuss how Media-Wize can help you tell your story to the widest possible audience.