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Media-Wize offers specialised media and PR services for CEOs/entrepreneurs/founders led by a leading Australian business and technology journalist and B2B public relations expert.

Media-Wize’s media and PR training is tailored to the needs of startups, founders and fast growth companies to ensure their founders and spokespeople deep dive into learning how the media works, what makes a story, how to articulate an engaging message and structure communication strategies to meet the company’s goals.

Media-Wize client, @DetexianInc's co-founder @tanthuynh recently recorded a great podcast for Startup Daily. Take a listen and learn about the importance of cyber-hygiene for your SaaS applications. #security #SaaS #podcasts

There's no such thing as off the record. When you're in a media interview staying on the record is the best way to build trust and training is a great way to ensure you have no regrets after an interview. #journalism, #pr #media

The Australian media landscape has transformed massively over the last few years. PR outnumbers journalists 10:1 and publishing cycles are tighter than ever. @Anthony_Caruana discussed these changes at a recent workshop. #media #journalism #pr

Are your media spokespeople prepared? Is your media plan "wing it"? Being a great media spokesperson may come naturally to some but anyone can do do a good job in an interview with the right training and preparation. #media #journalism #pr

Content marketing is a powerful engagement tool. @Anthony_Caruana writes about analytics and the 21st century supply chain for Thrive #content #marking #news

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