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Media-Wize offers specialised media and PR services for CEOs/entrepreneurs/founders led by a leading Australian business and technology journalist and B2B public relations expert.

Media-Wize’s media and PR training is tailored to the needs of startups, founders and fast growth companies to ensure their founders and spokespeople deep dive into learning how the media works, what makes a story, how to articulate an engaging message and structure communication strategies to meet the company’s goals.

Thinking about the needs of different users and engaging them from the outset is our key principle. For a product to succeed, it must be one people enjoy using. And that goes way beyond pure functionality - Andy Budiman, Detexian CPO.

In a world with fewer and fewer journalists, how can your startup get the attention it deserves? @Anthony_Caruana from Media-Wize shares his APAC insights in Jumpstart Magazine.

Make your New Years resolution about your why. Think about how you can craft interesting stories that highlight the why, not what you do. #purpose #storytelling #newyear

Brilliantly said @ssharwood 👏

Brilliantly said @ssharwood 👏

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