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Crisis Communications

Being ready for the unexpected is about preparation, training and practice 

The business environment you work in can throw all sorts of curveballs. Anything from a cyber attack to a natural disaster to a rogue employee can result in the business scrambling to deal with unwanted media attention and disgruntled customers, suppliers and partners.

Most organisations have disaster recovery and business continuity planning for when an incident strikes. But, most fail to have a plan to communicate with the media, customers and other stakeholders.

Media-Wize’s crisis communications services can help guide you through a crisis. With years of experience within and outside corporate environments in the development and execution of crisis management, we can help you plan for a crisis and be ready to communicate with key stakeholders – everyone from customers to government regulators.

How it works

Media-Wize works with you to understand the risks your organisation is facing and can facilitate crisis media training and develop a crisis and incident response communication manuals  to guide all internal and external communications. 

If an incident strikes and you have journalists knocking on your door, it’s not too late to get help. With experience in dealing with major incidents, Media-Wize is able to help steer you through challenging and uncharted waters.

What you get

Media-Wize will provide you with a comprehensive crisis and incident response communications manual that can be integrated with your existing business continuity and disaster recovery planning manuals and processes. It covers a range of different crisis scenarios that are developed in partnership with you and details who needs to be contacted and includes message templates to take the stress out of creating everything  ‘on the fly’. In addition, we can train staff and media spokespeople to make sure they’re prepared to handle any media attention that may arise. 

It is far better to be prepared and to anticipate risks that might attract media attention and unwanted scrutiny in advance than waiting for an issue to erupt and trying to respond and manage it as it’s unfolding in the moment.

Why Media-Wize?

Media-Wize are experts at handling the media in a crisis and working to mitigate risks. 

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