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Media Training

Become an authoritative media spokesperson

Media-Wize’s approach to Media Training is unique, combining insights from a leading technology and business journalist with 15 years experience and a multi-award winning PR expert with over 20 years experience. 

We take you on a deep dive into how the Australian media works, what makes a story, how to articulate an engaging message and structure communication strategies to meet your goals. 

Thousands of journalists have lost their jobs in Australia over the past five years and PRs now outnumber journalists 5:1. Our training is designed to ensure you become a compelling media spokesperson who can cut through and secure coverage in a highly competitive market. 

Our focus is on actionable insights and giving you tangible advice you can apply. Our aim is to deepen spokespeople’s understanding of the media and how to have realistic expectations, optimise your delivery, messaging and performance and uncover unique story gems and angles that will make your investment in a PR a success. 

How it works

Our Media Training sessions provide an insight into 90% of the questions a journalist might ask so you are well prepared for any media opportunities that may arise and have rehearsed answers in a safe environment.

Practice interviews are video recorded and we provide you with a detailed report that lists all of the lessons learned during the session so you can see what works and where there are opportunities to improve your performance. 

We work closely with you to hone and refine responses to questions and develop compelling elevator pitches for different audiences. 

What you get

We video record each practice interview and provide you with a detailed written analysis of what worked and where there are opportunities for improvement. 

Media-Wize will also provide a copy of our Media Training Manual for your ongoing reference. 

During every media training session, we unearth a number of great story ideas. We also hand these over to you – it becomes your intellectual property – so you can use them as part of your ongoing PR and marketing activity.

Media-Wize’s Media Training can be delivered in person or virtually. We work with you to find the right time and place and have access to excellent facilities in our home city of Melbourne. Alternately, we can deliver the training from your own facilities or we can arrange a suitable space at a location convenient for you anywhere in Australia.

Why Media-Wize?

Media-Wize is led by an award winning public relations expert and highly experienced journalist. We understand what the media is looking for and can help you tell your stories in a compelling way that maximises your chance of media success.

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