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Competitor Analysis

Analyse your competitors to leverage market advantage

Media-Wize are experts at undertaking a Competitor Analysis to help identify market opportunities and uncover gaps that your competitors have left open in the Australian market.

How it works

The Competitor Analysis reviews main competitors, examines their search engine rankings and how you contrast. We also analyse their website content, messaging, market focus and explore what social media platforms they are leveraging and how they take advantage of them.

We then conduct a media coverage search to determine if they are active in regularly achieving media coverage for their business and. if so, in what publications they are securing cut through and on what key themes. In addition, we include information on if they are paying for sponsored content.

What you get

A simple to read report is provided with advice on how we can differentiate your organisation, where there are gaps we can fill and leverage and how we recommend we tailor your PR strategy and messaging in the market.

This comprehensive report shows how your competitors rank across key indicators and where there are opportunities for you to focus your PR and marketing campaigns. 

The report is easy to read and delivers actionable insights and intelligence.

Why Media-Wize?

Media-Wize is led by an award winning public relations expert and highly experienced journalist. We understand what the media is looking for and can help you tell your stories in a compelling way that maximises your chance of media success.

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