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Messaging Workshop

Develop a compelling brand narrative to underpin business success

Media-Wize’s Messaging Workshops help deliver an easy to understand, compelling and engaging product and brand narrative.

The Messaging Workshop, can follow a Media Training session, to facilitate senior leadership consensus and to develop and refine the messages that will be used to reach the target audiences.

The session can bring together all spokespeople and any marketing, technical and sales staff to ensure everyone has input and engagement in developing the strategic narrative.

The result will empower the team to deliver communications and presentations that will maximise results. It can also guide content development for the website and for use in media materials and on social media.

How it works

This half day workshop will lock in the roadmap and creation of a detailed messaging template for each stakeholder audience such as journalists, investors, partners, staff and customers. It will become the master reference when engaging and developing materials that will resonate with these audiences.

What you get

A simple to read manual will be provided with detailed messaging templates and guidelines for each major stakeholder group you communicate with. This includes journalists, investors, partners, staff and customers.

A half day messaging workshop with Anthony and Kathryn can be conducted in person or via Zoom. It requires the participation of senior leadership, marketing and sales team.

Why Media-Wize?

Media-Wize is led by an award winning public relations expert and highly experienced journalist. We understand what the media is looking for and can help you tell your stories in a compelling way that maximises your chance of media success.

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