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Story Discovery Session

Find your unique stories and hone them for media success

Media-Wize’s Story Discovery Session brings together senior leadership, marketing and sales teams to uncover unique story gems and angles that will make your investment in PR a success. 

The best PR results are achieved when we tell the most compelling stories about your organisation. 

The session will take spokespeople and senior teams through a Q&A session to help us understand what stories you have to tell and how we can best tell them.

How it works

Media-Wize gathers a variety of people from your organisation  to gain a multi-faceted view. Through a guided workshop, we uncover the stories hiding under the surface to find what it is that makes your company special.

Unlike Media Training, the Story Discovery Session focuses on uncovering hidden gems we can leverage tactically for PR and media success. We don’t coach and optimise the message, as we would do in Media Training and a Messaging Workshop. The focus is on finding your stories. 

What you get

Media-Wize will provide you with a list of recommended story ideas and outline if these should be told through media releases, media interviews, thought leadership by-lines or to boost brand legitimacy through social media, blog, video, podcast, webinar or sponsored content. This IP is yours to keep, regardless of whether you chose to use Media-Wize to implement ideas. 

Media-Wize will provide a written story map / mini tactical PR plan following the session.

A two-hour story discovery session with Anthony and Kathryn can be conducted in person or via Zoom. It requires the participation of senior leadership, marketing and sales teams.

Why Media-Wize?

Media-Wize is led by an award winning public relations expert and highly experienced journalist. We understand what the media is looking for and can help you tell your stories in a compelling way that maximises your chance of media success.

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