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05 Dec


There is no such thing as “off the record”

As a number of world leaders recently discovered, there is no such thing as off the record.

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02 Dec

Story telling

Learning what stories you have to tell

Over the last few weeks, Media-Wize has conducted several media training workshops with clients. And while those clients have learned a lot about becoming better spokespeople

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25 Nov


How to manage the media during a disaster

Organisations plan for all types of risks from the loss of customer data to fires through to natural disasters. In some cases, those disasters are predictable

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07 Aug

Business Tips

Why Every Brand Needs A Gifted Spokesperson

In his part manifesto-part autobiography titled On Writing, Stephen King said that not everyone can be a brilliant writer. But with effort, everyone could be a

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04 Jul


How to manage embargoes

Companies like to believe they have some control over how news is released. But in today's world, it makes little sense to embargo a story. For a journalist, an embargo is a story that can't be written.

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29 Jan


Be prepared to succeed with the media

Doing your homework for interviews and preparing your facts are critically important for a media spokesperson. This is why media training, conducted every two years is

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03 Dec


Media-Wize’s 10-point pitching guide for PR and companies looking for media coverage

If there’s one question I’m constantly asked it’s “How do we pitch so that our client/product/story gets coverage?” Start by looking at what the journalist you

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