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Let’s talk: Fear of starting a business

Fears…there were many. Was the idea good? Was there a market? Did I choose the right business partner? What was I risking? What if I fail? Will incumbent players try to tear us down? Will my family back me if things get tough?

But what if I don’t do this? My motivation since leaving the 9-to-5 workforce has been not wanting to get to the end of my work life and wondering “What if…”

Some questions were easy to answer. My family supports and believes in me. I have a great business partner and the market has responded positively to our offering and we are continuing to grow, even through the pandemic.

Jim Kwik’s book, Limitless, says we have to examine the LIEs (limiting ideas entertained) and BS (belief systems) and how those things stop us from reaching our full potential. Kathryn, my business partner, and I refined our idea before going to market. We are motivated, have a plan and want to succeed.

You can read about other founders fears at Dynamic Business.

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