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Don’t trivialise your business with ridiculous job titles

When it comes to deciding the best job titles to use for media spokespeople it’s important, they’re easily understood. Leave being creative to the actual work you do.

Job title inflation is everywhere. While giving yourself and your team funky titles might be fun, it can result in confusion and lead people to think you’re not taking things seriously. And, frankly, it gets a bit tedious trying to work out what people actually do. What is a Chief Happiness Officer? It sounds like the lead clown at a local circus.

If you want a journalist to take you seriously and listen to what you have to say, steer clear of these types of titles:

·         Evangelist

·         Ringmaster

·         Rock star

·         Ninja

·         Guru

·         Trailblazer

·         Magician

·         Grand Master

·         Creator of Happiness

·         Jedi

·         Overload

·         Galactic Viceroy

·         Sensei

·         Storyteller

·         Prophet

·         Unicorn

·         Hero

·         Visionary

·         Troubleshooter

Your business is a serious matter. Don’t trivialise it by handing out job titles that sound like a random word generator has malfunctioned.

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