Melbourne, 16 November 2020: Media relations, media training and specialist messaging agency, Media-Wize, today announced it has added Maxme to its expanding client portfolio.

Maxme is a human skills development organisation focused on helping young Australians develop soft skills critical for employment and career success. Human skills (also known as soft skills, interpersonal skills, people skills) are crucial to securing work, and thriving in everyday working life. Unfortunately, human skills are rarely taught as part of the typical education experience, leaving many students unprepared for ‘the real world’.

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The pressures facing journalists should be the perfect opportunity for PRs to place more stories, argues Anthony Caruana. Instead, ‘spray and pray’ press releases reign, follow-up phone calls abound, and spokespeople remain ill-prepared to give journalists compelling interviews.

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Picture this: You arrive at an event as a speaker, but the person handing out the passes looks straight past you and gives preferential treatment to the man next in line. As a female founder, I never expected to hit so much unconscious bias and ingrained sexism. But when I attended one of Australia’s largest tech conferences recently, that’s what happened.

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Great media coverage means planning ahead. There are many ways you can prepare and take advantage of events in the media.

Great media coverage is planned. It means you need to get your message right, identify your audience and decide what you want from the coverage. Winging it might get you a good result. Planning increasing the odds of getting the result you want.

The number of journalists is plummeting and the number of PR practitioners is soaring. What does this mean for businesses trying to boost their media coverage>

As a number of world leaders recently discovered, there is no such thing as off the record.

With journalists receiving dozens of press releases and story pitches each day, the key that’s most likely to wear out on their keyboards is DEL.

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There’s a famous line in the movie Jerry Maguire that you’ll recognise. Renée Zellweger’s character says to Tom Cruise’s character: “You had me at hello.” But the reality is a long way from that when it comes to getting a journalist’s attention.

As a journo, let me tell you what we hate.

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In his part manifesto-part autobiography titled On Writing, Stephen King said that not everyone can be a brilliant writer. But with effort, everyone could be a very good writer. The same goes with being a reliable performer in front of a camera or microphone. Being a great media spokesperson may come naturally to some, but anyone can do do a good job in an interview – with the right training and preparation.<!–more–>

Media-Wize CEO and co-founder Anthony Caruana recently penned a story for BandT on this topic.

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