Melbourne, 16 November 2020: Media relations, media training and specialist messaging agency, Media-Wize, today announced it has added Maxme to its expanding client portfolio.

Maxme is a human skills development organisation focused on helping young Australians develop soft skills critical for employment and career success. Human skills (also known as soft skills, interpersonal skills, people skills) are crucial to securing work, and thriving in everyday working life. Unfortunately, human skills are rarely taught as part of the typical education experience, leaving many students unprepared for ‘the real world’.

Maxme’s Hodie app helps students and graduates unlock unique personal superpowers, build human skills and prepare for career success. Hodie is developed from 20 years of coaching, leading and mentoring people. The program covers self awareness, communicating with impact, working together, mindfulness, owning it and creativity.

Business and technology journalist, Anthony Caruana, and award winning B2B PR expert, Kathryn Van Kuyk started Media-Wize in late 2018 to fill a gap for training and messaging services for spokespeople. During CoVID-19, demand for Media-Wize’s services increased and the consultancy has expanded the offering to include media relations, video services, podcasts, webinars and content delivery.

Renata Sguario, founder and CEO of Maxme and current chairman of the board of Future First Technology (formally known as PS+C Limited) listed on the ASX (FFT), says “As the founder of a company delivering these critical solutions to young Australians, it was important for me to find the right partner to help me tell our story. From the very first meeting it became obvious to me just how much Media-Wize stood out from their peers and I haven’t looked back. They so fundamentally get my business and its purpose and know exactly how to bring our value proposition and promise to life.”

Anthony Caruana, CEO and cofounder of Media-Wize comments, “We’re thrilled to be working with Maxme to help tackle the soft skills crisis plaguing Gen Z and Millenials as they embark on their careers. Maxme’s independent research shows that Gen Z is the first cohort in history to record a quarter life crisis, with a whopping 65% of university graduates doubting what they want to do and shifting into other careers within five to seven years of entering the workforce.”

Kathryn Van Kuyk, PR Director and cofounder of Media-Wize says, “We are delighted to work with Renata and the team at Maxme to raise awareness of the critical importance of soft skills as Gen Z’s lack of confidence and preparedness for work collides with the pandemic and a tighter jobs market.”

Maxme joins Media-Wize’s growing list of clients including Pure Security, part of Tesserent, Australia’s largest ASX listed cybersecurity firm (ASX:TNT). Pure Security recently acquired a number of leading cybersecurity businesses and now encompasses Pure Hacking, HackLabs, Certitude, Securus Global, Tesserent Australia and Rivium.

In addition to its retainer media relations accounts, Media-Wize also works on projects and has helped many established technology companies and fast growth startups including Kaspersky, Detexian, Zetaris, CIM and many others.

About Media-Wize

Anthony Caruana, co-founder and CEO, Media-Wize is a well-known writer, presenter, facilitator, journalist and consultant who has built a career thriving in today’s digitally driven 24-hour news cycle. For the past 15 years, Anthony has been a regular commentator on radio and TV, contributor to CSO Australia where he covered enterprise information security, Lifehacker IT Pro where he covered enterprise technology, and is the former editor of Macworld Australia and foundation editor of Technology Decisions. He is also an experienced technology professional – having worked as the lead IT executive in several businesses. To find out more, here’s Anthony’s LinkedIn profile.

Kathryn Van Kuyk, co-founder and PR Director, Media-Wize is an award-winning public relations consultant who specialises in B2B campaigns for fast-growth technology companies. For more than 20 years Kathryn has worked in corporate and consultancy roles focusing on media management, project management, strategy and stakeholder engagement. She has worked on local and international campaigns that have not only achieved their goals, but have also won national and international recognition, including a United Nations award for excellence in public relations. She won ‘Best campaign on a small budget’ for Code Like a Girl with BENCH PR at the CommsCon Awards 2018. To find out more, here’s Kathryn’s LinkedIn profile.

Media Enquiries

For MaxMe please contact Anthony Caruana on 0431 474 370 or or Kathryn Van Kuyk on 0414 726 958 or

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