Giving a voice to startups, founders and fast growth companies

Why CEOs/entrepreneurs/founders should consider training with Media-Wize?

  • To learn about the Australian media landscape and deep dive into what financial journalists, business reporters, technology reporters, radio, TV, channel press, trade media and startup media are looking for.
  • To learn how to clearly and concisely refine your key messages.
  • To understand how the media works and what makes a story.
  • To understand how to tailor your media/public relations strategies for maximum value.
  • To ensure you’re prepared to handle the difficult questions.
  • To reduce the likelihood of being misquoted.
  • To learn techniques to ensure you stay in control of the media interview.
  • To ensure you’re equipped to effectively promote your brand.
  • To obtain agnostic advice that can enrich your selection of freelancers and agencies – ensure you invest in what will work and understand what will be required of you to achieve success.



Meet the Team

Media-Wize is led by a leading Australian business and technology journalist and B2B public relations expert.


Anthony Caruana (Co-founder and CEO)  has worked for almost every major masthead, appeared on national television and is a regular on radio. As an experienced technology professional – having worked as the lead IT executive in several businesses, he brings a unique insight to his reporting of enterprise IT.

If you want to know more, here's Anthony's LinkedIn profile.

Kathryn Van Kuyk (Co-founder and PR Director) is an award-winning public relations consultant who specialises in B2B campaigns for fast-growth technology companies. She has worked on local and international campaigns that have not only achieved their goals, but have also won national and international recognition.

If you want to know more, here's Kathryn's LinkedIn profile.

Next Steps...

If you want to know more, contact us and we'll call you  to discuss how Media-Wize can help tell your story to the widest possible audience.